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Crowds on the Courtes North-East, 29/04/16

Sweating, distracted, my thoughts wandering, I’m suddenly brought back into the here-and-now by the forceful impact of a few small-but-dense chunks of snow on my right thigh in mid-step, and an instant before glancing upwards to see if there’s anything … Continue reading

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North Face of the Tour Ronde, 28/04/16

The north face of the Tour Ronde is, for a lot of mountaineers, their first proper north face route. With around 350m of difficulties it isn’t very big, and the climbing, with just two pitches of grade 4 ice in … Continue reading

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Col du Plan north face, 20/04/16

Fear, I think, is one of the more useful emotions we have at our disposal. Don’t get me wrong, happiness is great, it’s absolutely smashing, and it’s definitely the preferred state of mind to while away the hours with, but … Continue reading

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Two Days on the Midi: Cosmiques, Rond, Passerelle, West

Cosmiques Couloir, 18/04/16 Charlie, Dan, Gareth making their way to the Cosmiques in fresh snow Me rappelling into the Cosmiques, photo by Dan Swirling clouds with the occasional tiny patch of blue. A light on-off drizzle in town. There are … Continue reading

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January… February…

I haven’t been writing any short stories about the things I’ve been doing in the mountains. I don’t really know why, because I’ve had the spare time. I might have just run out of different ways to say “and then … Continue reading

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Trail Running: Shortcuts

With one arm outstretched for balance and the other hovering in front of my face in a futile attempt to brush aside a relentless tangle of hawthorn and bramble, I pick my way carefully along the spine of a crumbling, … Continue reading

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A Cluster of Early-season Ski Tours

It’s been a funny old start to this season. We had some sudden, short-lived snow in early October, but summer carried on until the very end of November, then autumn lasted two days, and in the space of 48 hours … Continue reading

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Aiguille du Chardonnet: Debruyne-Manu/Gabbarou 79, 10/10/15

A short while ago, Nick Draper and I wandered up to the Albert Premier hut with the intention of going up the Chardonnet. We were intending to do the Goulotte Aureille Feutren, a long walk followed by a pitch or … Continue reading

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Ski Running: Col du Belvedere, 29/09/15

Once again, I am witness to one of my favourite scenes of Chamonix: the Aiguilles Rouges coming to life under a rising sun, from dark to dawn to daylight. The wind blowing across the mouth of the light aluminium ice … Continue reading

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Trail Running: Mont Blanc 80km, 26/06/15

Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind. The race is long and, in the end, it’s only with yourself. – Mary Schmich The desperate cry of “Pierre!” tumbles down through the sweating, swearing procession faster than the skull-sized chunk of rock … Continue reading

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