Beelines on the Plan d’Aiguille, 06/02/14


I had made plans for something up high with the good weather window on Thursday, but they fell through because of an iffy opening time for the Midi. The morning was spent at Brevent instead, lapping the Cornu after leaving the top lift queue alone for a change.

Looking across the valley with binoculars revealed thick blankets of trackless snow on the Plan d’Aiguille… time to zip down, change the skis, grab a cup of tea, and jump in the queue for the Midi. It was a most pleasant surprise to be the first set of skis on the Pre du Rocher, especially at a little after midday in February.

This is a short documentary I made about water skiing. I still need more practice with the camera work and editing. It looks like I could do with a bit more practice skiing as well, but give me a break, I’m on bloody water skis.

So, where to next?

About Pete Houghton

Chef in the Chamonix Valley
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